Skyline Car Service LLC Rental Agreement and Policies

Any one-way transfer that is over 25 miles driving distance from uptown Charlotte and travels less than 7 miles one-way must request a specific quote

  1. This agreement/email confirmation is a contract between Skyline Car Service LLC and the customer for hire of the SUV/Sedan Car Service and specifically will pertain to the customer in the vehicle and anyone in their party.
  1. Any hourly rental that is canceled due to cancellation of a customers event will not change our policy. Any hourly rental over $255 will be charged a cancellation fee of $100 if canceled by customer 5 days before the event date. Any rental under $255 canceled 5 days before the event will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.
  1. Any changes requested by customer within 24 hours of scheduled pickup time may result in a change of price at the discretion of Skyline Car Service.
  2. Any cancellations other than an hourly rental will be charged a minimum of 50% fee if it is canceled within 20 hours of the pickup time and may charge the credit card on file for such fees.
  3. Skyline can not be held liable for any mechanical breakdown and will agree to provide credit for any time lost due to breakdown at a later date to be agreed upon by both parties.
  4. The credit card holder and or client agree to be fully financially responsible for any damage to the SUV/Sedan during the rental time by either themselves or anyone in their party.
  5. Skyline can not be held responsible for delays due to inclement weather driving conditions.
  6. Client agrees not to bring anything illegal into the vehicle not allowed in the particular state traveled. Beer, Wine, and Champagne are allowed in N.C. And all passengers must be over 21 years old to consume. South Carolina is a no open container state and client agrees to be responsible and pay any fines issued by law enforcement to either the driver or passengers if they violate this law. Client also agrees no smoking is allowed in vehicles.
  7. Skyline drivers have the right to terminate any ride without providing a refund if the client engages in any illegal activity or indiscretion.
  8. All trips that are over 15 minutes of the prearranged exit time can be subject to more charges up to the minimum hourly fee of $65.00.
  9. Skyline is not responsible for any items left by client’s or other passengers with the client’s the that are left in the vehicle.
  10. Any rented vehicle the client agrees can not be loaded above the legal seating capacity.

Receipt of this policy by client in any form such as email or US mail will allow Skyline Car Service to run the balance that is due along with any extra time accrued by the client on the credit card given at the time of the reservation. Client also agrees Skyline can charge a fee of up to $250.00 for each seat or carpet burn or clean up that is due to any spillage by client or guest’s of client’s. Client agree to pay a $300 sanitation fee for themselves or anyone in their party due to loss of bodily functions that occurs in the vehicle. If fee’s are not paid in cash or credit card at the time the client agrees that the credit card given at the time of the booking can be charged by Skyline for all of these fees.